Industrial analysis

Industrial analysis provides works managers, production managers, QA specialists; and all those who are responsible for production with the bases for making their decisions.

The term "Industrial analysis" describes a procedure for maintaining production and high quality standards by inspection of raw materials, intermediate products, and end products.

revierlabor develops the optimum solutions for different problems in production, quality assurance, raw-material control, research, and development.

Works manager support

In our role as a partner to our clients, we evaluate and interpret our measurement results, develop alternatives, and find solutions on an individual basis. As well as the analytical methods for routine analysis, numerous special measurement techniques are also at our disposal for mastering difficult problems.

Co-production analysis

This area includes chemical analyses of metallic and mineral materials as well as special organic and inorganic materials for the product control of intermediate and end products. As a former department of a production-based company group, we know that the everyday production needs of our clients require quick answers.

Quality assurance

In order to support QA specialists, revierlabor checks compliance with specifications, guidelines and regulations such as the end-of-life vehicle directive RoHS and WEEE. We also offer competent support when processing complaints and damage claims.