Damage claims

Faults and damage to products or damage which occurs during processes cannot be prevented altogether. They may be caused by design, production and material faults or misuse.

It is usually problematic for the manufacturer when the fault does not appear until it is found or noticed by the final customer. revierlabor uses a wide range of test and analytical methods to elucidate damage claims, for quality assurance purposes and to avoid product liability claims.

By combining the different disciplines of organic and inorganic analysis, mechanical-technical investigations and a considerable amount of experience in the area of damage interpretation, we are well placed to process even complex problems.

When providing an expert opinion, the results of the fault and damage analysis are summarized and presented to our client in a clear and understandable manner.

revierlabor is an expert and competent partner for diagnosing:

  • Damage to metallic materials
  • Damage to plastics
  • Damage in complex systems and components
  • Complaints from your customers
  • Major damage costing millions
  • Damage to property